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a graphic designer extraordinaire, tyler spangler is a man of many hats, including having a degree in psychology and a stint at running an illegal underground punk rock venue until the police shut it down. Dropping out of art college in 2012, tyler decided to follow his own path and has trail blazed into glory ever since. his work has been featured from los angeles to paris and almost everywhere in between and he has worked with a gazillion awesomely cool brands that became enamored with his rebellious but colorful edge. Tyler delves into the creative process by cranking music and sifting through images until one pops and snatches his attention. His killer style revolves around using patterns, unique distortions or combinations of both. Instead of digitally illustrating with a tablet, tyler rocks a good old fashioned computer mouse that gives a little extra shake and quirkiness to his illustrations. When not playing fetch with his sidekick, patch the one-eyed dog, tyler can be found dreaming about how to bring more colorful, brazenly chaotic art into the world. Super intrigued by mixing old black and white pre-technology images with colorful new era technology, tyler created some sick sock designs that will be the talking piece of an outfit.


women's socks are a us size 5 - 9

men's socks are us a size 6 - 13