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trained in traditional fine arts and turned  digital photoshop wizard, mary raburn mashes organic aesthetics, geometrical shapes and killer strokes to cook up her signature look. Originally from georgia and transplanted to new york city, mary channels her first love of oils and gouache paints for inspiration with graphic design. often found musing about endless combinations of simple objects and how to embrace her inner cat lady, mary is fascinated about exploring awesome and fresh new mediums to play with. one rainy day she even created an awesome personalized brush tool set in photoshop that mimics the look and feel of hand painted marks. A lover of texture infusion with out-of-this-world dimension, she brought down the hammer to create super edgy hand stroked sketches layered with colorful graphic manipulation and a splash of excitement to stun the unassuming sock world. morphing from being a  traditional artist, turned print and packaging designer, turned web designer, mary is always thrilled about connecting to other earthlings via her fascinating and creative work. mary sometimes celebrates with french fries to refuel for another round of artistic mastery. oh, and she is a sucker for cool cacti, all things succulents and appreciates their forgiveness towards forgetful gardeners.


women's socks are a us size 5 - 9

men's socks are us a size 6 - 13