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kendra dandy  is fueled by a love of cute corgi dogs and a vision of building a mansion to start the great american corgi takeover. a dreamer and a doodler, her designs embrace a whole toolbox of mediums from watercolors, gouache, markers, and acrylics. Uninhibited by putting labels on what she considers special techniques, kendra goes with the flow of whatever creatively flashes through her insanely artistic mind. slightly obsessed with vibrant  fruit, florals, and all things makeup (but not necessarily in that order - it depends on the day) her creations brim with black and white contrast to crown her the super funky pop art queen. between breaks of busting lindy hopper dance moves, kendra jotted down her signature inspirations that jump out and set a new bar for insanely awesome colorful socks. always fueled by her love for pastel and bright vivid color ranges that scream all over cuteness, kendra continues to dream and scheme of how to infuse the world with fascinating prints of fruits and lips that will keep heads turning and mouths buzzing.  


women's socks are a us size 5 - 9

men's socks are us a size 6 - 13