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emmanuelle walker has bounced between montreal, london and paris to spread her visually amazing animations and illustrations throughout the world. beginning by sketching tiny thumbnails on paper, then roughing out on a larger scale via photoshop or paper, she will meticulously create endless color roughs until she finds absolute emmanuelle worthy perfection in a palette. She thrives on ever evolving themes of whatever catches her fancy in the moment. Today its birds and dogs, tomorrow your guess is as good as hers. Her secret weapons are a blue col-erase 20044 to dishevel illustrations, her handy iphone to snap a quick pic and photoshop for the final daring colorful touches. emmanuel recently directed a series of 24 short films for lancome's holiday campaign. As if she wasn’t busy enough, she is planning to release a book in the spring about dog and cars. never one to only want a little, her book will have over 450 furry friends featured. somehow emmannuel tapped into another dimension that offers more hours per day and used her love of birds, patterns, and colors to bring a splash of spectacular to the overlooked world of socks.


women's socks are a us size 5 - 9

men's socks are us a size 6 - 13