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driven by the allure of sweet candy colors and that girls just wanna have super awesome fun, brooke greenberg is a free-spirited graphic designer and illustrator. she wields a bachelor of arts in architecture & sustainable design from uc berkeley. living in the city of angeles, she absorbs inspiration from everyday life such as shopping, watching a movie or the magic 8 ball of today's world, google and likes drawing before she realizes where her creativity is headed. if her sketch makes her smile, it gets some loving colors and is a keeper. with a secret desire to join an all-girl band and live happily ever after, (although she will settle for a girl gang) brooke has practiced and perfected her sick jazz drumming beats. brookes main muse is ladies and when in high school, would spend hours drawing lock of their hair which led her to expand into sketching female faces, bodies, and all things fashion. usually focusing on an urban marriage of hand drawn sketching and digital coloring, brooke is always on the lookout for new and insanely cool mediums and tools to try. her current faves are paint, ink, embroidery and she never leaves home without her wacom tablet, sketchbook and pencils.


women's socks are a us size 5 - 9

men's socks are us a size 6 - 13